Mozilla Firefox market share is dancing around again

Mozilla Firefox market share is dancing around again

Mozilla Foundation again finds the market share of their flagship web browser offering Firefox dancing around. The latest statistic shows that the open source web browser has slightly lost its market share in the month of September to the market leader and the much criticized web browser Internet Explorer. Analysts are still not sure whether the trend would continue now that Microsoft is due to launch Internet Explorer 7 in the coming months.

Mozilla Firefox lost some market share for the first time since its launch in the month of July. This is the second instance and the application is expected to face even more solid competition now that Opera Software ASA has made their offering Opera totally free. The latest statistics are released by the Web applications provider NetApplications.

They claim that the Mozilla Firefox had a market share of 7.55 percent in the month of September compared to 86.9 percent for Internet Explorer. Firefox started at 2.69 percent in October 2004 to a peak of 8.71 percent in June. It has been dancing up and down since then. Microsoft’s own Internet Explorer is hovering between 86 percent and 87 percent.

Some of this drop can be attributed to the fact that Mozilla Firefox suffered some bad publicity due to the security flaws, which were discovered in the application in the recent times. However, the Mozilla Foundation has addressed those, the claims of being the most secure browser application has taken a beating. Opera remains the only one of the three to have no unfixed security bug on Secunia website right now.

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