Google fixes Taiwan identification problem on Google Maps

Google fixes Taiwan identification problem on Google Maps

Search engine giant Google found themselves in political troubles after the Taiwan government criticized the company for referring to the Taiwan country as a province of China on their Maps service. Google has now fixed the glitch, which sparked a controversy in the country. In addition, Google has also made other changes to the Maps service, as the older version was not often helpful for users, as it took up a lot of the screen.

Taiwan has now welcomed the move by the Google on the removal of the controversial political reference to the island from its global map service. Foreign Ministry representative Michel Lu said in a statement: “We welcome the move by Google, which helps to end the controversy over the issue.” This might somewhat end up upsetting china which still considers Taiwan as an integral part of the mainland.

Taiwan split at the end of a civil war in 1949 from the China, which is a communist nation. Taiwan on the other hands is now a democracy. The latest update also updates some other regions on the map details of which are not available at the time of the release. The original version had led to the Taiwan’s foreign ministry expressing concern over the issue.

They had asked Google to drop the controversial reference that places the self-governing island directly under the political control of China.

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