Wall Street Journal to publish Weekend Edition

Wall Street Journal to publish Weekend Edition

Some sort of history would be made in the print media industry, as the Wall Street Journal will start publishing a “Weekend Edition” on Saturdays after a really long time in its history. This weekend edition targeted at the business executives would contain business news and expanded coverage of personal finance, leisure activities, and the arts.

There are doubts on whether these audiences would read this newspaper on the weekends but the senior executives at the Journal’s publisher Dow Jones & Co. are pretty confident. The new trend starts from Sept. 17. They used to publish this weekend versions long time back and stopped in 1953, a year after the New York Stock Exchange stopped trading stocks on Saturday.

This new weekend edition would help the newspaper generate more advertisement for itself, which would be targeted at a niche audience. The aim is to help the company pull in more consumers advertising and decrease its dependence on financial and technology advertising. The journal is suffering a drop in its ad revenues since the last couple of years and they really need a boost to jump back to profitability.

The publishing company has said that they have hired on an additional staff of 150 people and are not sure if that would be enough. Much would depend upon how successful this new experiment would be.

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