What is next for Apple and Motorola ROKR?

What is next for Apple and Motorola ROKR?

The media is already buzz with news that the new mobile phone from Motorola developed in collaboration with Apple Computers is not as rocking as it was expected to be. Motorola Rokr comes preloaded with the Apple iTunes application can store as many as 100 songs on it. Nope, users cannot purchase and download the songs from the Apple iTunes store. They are just allowed to transfer the songs from a PC or Mac to their phones.

The limitations Rokr has, has led to speculations that Apple is just testing the market with this product they have developed with Motorola. This product is no threat to iPod, which has the capacity of storing many more songs on its storage disk. The company can see the trends and analyze what the users expect from them. And they perhaps someday launch an iPhone to complement their offerings in iPod and other computing products.

The fact is that the cell phone market is enticing and quite profitable indeed. More than 750 million cell phone are expected to be sold worldwide this year, which is an impressive number when compared to the number of MP3 players expected to be sold this year. Apple would definitely want a slice of them considering the iconic value iPod has gained in the last couple of years.

The company also has apparently gained ownership of the domain iphone.org, which currently forwards to their homepage. They played it safe with Motorola ROKR phone; does it mean that we can expect to have more on the mobile phone segment front?

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