Intel says high demand might result in shortage in supplies

Intel says high demand might result in shortage in supplies

The world’s largest microprocessor maker Intel has reported that the demand for its chip is rather strong this season due to increase in sales of laptops and mobile computers. Instead of excess inventory problem they had last year, it might become a shortage issue this year. Intel continues to see a double-digit growth this year due to their Centrino range of processors for mobile devices.

Intel has cautioned that the demand might outdo the supplies through the fourth quarter. Andy D. Bryant, Intel’s chief financial officer was speaking in an analyst conference: “We continue to see healthy growth worldwide in the PC market.” They say that the overall demand is better than what they had expected originally.

This situation is very opposite compared to last year when the microprocessor company was swollen with inventory and faced a host of technical glitches. Nowadays, they just cannot make enough processors to meet the demand in the market. The company is apparently selling everything they can make in their factories.

Their claims are supported by Texas Instruments, the largest supplier of chips used in mobile phones who also said that the demand for their products was hot in the market.

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