Marine Corps displays Mobile Modular Command & Control

Marine Corps displays Mobile Modular Command & Control

The Marine Corps in United States displayed a new technology mounted on their favorite vehicle Humvee that can allow troops in the field to communicate with each other, their commanders, and even headquarters hundreds of miles away. And they have this capability even while traveling at around 30 miles per hours.

The marines believe that this technology can help save lives in the battlefields. This technology has been developed mostly by Hawaii contractors and it also enables the troops to communicate in areas where natural disasters. For example, US Marines could have used this technology after implementation during the Katrina Hurricane catastrophe.

The technology is called ‘Mobile Modular Command & Control’ or ‘M2C2’ and other branches of the US Military have expressed interest in getting access to this technology for their troops. The commander of Marine Corps Base Hawaii at Kaneohe, Col. Steven Hummer said in a statement about this technological advancement: “Having been a commander myself as part of the initial invasion into Iraq and the seizure of Baghdad, I can see how important this capability would be.”

The current technology requires these marines to stop while driving to set up satellite communications antennas, and log on to download e-mail and make tactical telephone calls. With these latest innovations, they can do all this and more while on the move therefore avoiding unexpected attacks by the enemies.

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