Apple might have problems with Creative over the iPod Nano Name

Apple might have problems with Creative over the iPod Nano Name

Apple just might have given Creative a reason to get more angry. Apple is already the dominant player in the digital music player. The company sells millions of its iPod range of music players in the market and even more songs through their digital online music store Apple iTunes. Creative is a relatively smaller player in the market and aims to compete with Apple iPod with their Creative Zen range of music players.

Apple recently launched two highly anticipated products. While, the market is not amused by the features provided by the Motorola’s iTunes Mobile Phone codenamed ROKR, they seem to be quite impressed by the flash memory based Apple iTunes Nano product. However, the problem is that Apple just might have infringed on the copyright of Creative when it comes to the term Nano.

Creative’s Zen Nano has the advantage of coming to market ahead of its rival, which the company can now use to file a case against the Macintosh maker. They had launched this product in March this year and it is currently available in the Asian markets. Creative is soon due to launch it in their European market.

Creative is yet to release a statement on their opinion through a company representative agreed that their legal department is looking into it. However, there is another fact that Nano being a measuring unit cannot actually be copyrighted by any company or firm.

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