Google puts Google Print Online

Google puts Google Print Online

Despite the fact that Google has two lawsuits pending against it regarding this web service, they are going ahead with their Google Print program. They have finally launched the online website providing these digitized books for searching on the internet. This service enables the user to search for content, which exists in books available in some of the biggest libraries of the world.

Google Print then shows snippets or sections of the book, which contains that searched keyword. Users can optionally buy that book using the links provided on the search page. The project has been criticized by various organizations claiming that the service breaks the copyright laws by digitizing content of books without informing their authors.

That resulted in Google delaying their scanning program for sometime and let the relevant authors inform them of any issues if their were any. Now, since that period is over, the service is finally online. In addition, the company is also resuming their digitizing process to add more content for searching on the internet. Interestingly, both Yahoo! and Microsoft’s MSN division have started their own similar programs to digitize books.

These search engine companies plan to earn their revenues through online advertisements and perhaps commissions from the sales of the books from the stores they are collaborating with.

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