BSkyB to soon rollout a mobile phone television service

BSkyB to soon rollout a mobile phone television service

The talks between Virgin Mobile and NTL are not exactly close to be finalized in any form. However, the competition is already working hard on preparing to face the merged company. BSkyB will soon roll out a new mobile phone television service and this would make them more capable of facing the combined services of Virgin and NTL if they indeed join hands.

Premium subscribers to the Sky satellite TV service as a result would be able to download the application on to their mobile phones and watch news and sports clips. BSkyB can launch this new initiative as early as this month itself. Some more services are expected to be added in the future.

In fact, this alone would not do it for the company. They also plan to make its live television service available to its subscribers with any mobile handset equipped with 3G from April. Currently they support only the Vodafone 3G customers. Mobile phones are increasingly becoming a tool for these media companies to promote and the competition would make it even more attractive to the end consumer.

BSkyB launched this mobile service in collaboration with Vodafone at the beginning of November. They are currently supporting 19 channels, which are streamed live on user’s mobile phones. This service is free in its current form till February next year.

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