Verizon Wireless collaborates with CBS on mobile content

Verizon Wireless collaborates with CBS on mobile content

Verizon Wireless has gone into a collaboration with the television studio CBS. The deal would see CBS providing content from their television media to Verizon for their mobile phone customers. Verizon would be delivering clips of popular CBS shows “CSI”, “Survivor” and “Late Show with David Letterman” to mobile phones and this would be CBS’s first foray into wireless video.

Verizon would be delivering this mobile content to customers of Verizon Wireless’s V Cast video service. The aim is to popularize their high-speed wireless network by luring in more customers with better product and service offerings. A lot of mobile companies are now expanding their range of services to attain more customers and video broadcasting on mobile handsets is one of them

TV networks like CBS on their part want to move beyond their traditional medium of communicating with the consumer and mobiles give them a large number of potential customer base. The popularity of the recently launched iPod Video has proved that there are a lot of people who had like to have access to video content while on the move.

However, the content provided by the service will not include full shows. Rather, short clips and customized content would be broadcasted to these mobile users. CBS also plans to include news clippings and segments from their talk shows like Late Show through this service.

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