Kodak continues to dominate US digital camera market

Kodak continues to dominate US digital camera market

Eastman Kodak Co has retained its domination in the North American market for the fourth straight year. They are followed by the other big players in the market like Canon, Sony, and Olympus. As per the latest reports available in the media, for the July-to-September period, digital camera shipments to domestic retailers rose nearly 13 percent to 5.6 million. This is an improvement from a figure of 5 million last year.

Out of these, Photography-equipment maker Kodak shipped 1.25 million digital cameras in the quarter. This is an improvement of around 21 percent compared to last year’s third quarter. Higher sales resulted in improved market share as Kodak touched a high of 21.3 percent from 19.8 percent. Canon and Sony were pretty close with around 1 million units shipped in the market each.

Fuji Photo Film Co was the biggest winner of the quarter as it jumped from 21.3 percent from 19.8 percent. On the other hand, Olympus Corp. slipped down to a 7.1 percent share and a virtual tie for fifth with Nikon Corp. Tech giant Hewlett-Packard could do pull out a miracle as they ended the quarter with a market share of 6.7%.

However, if we look at the world’s markets, Kodak is struggling compared to its competitor. Sony is the dominating player with Canon following it at second spot. Kodak is at third position in terms of sales.

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