Google Personalized Search out of Beta

Google Personalized Search out of Beta

Just a couple of days after the search engine giant Google took its Desktop Search and Sidebar application out of beta, we now have the Google Personalized Search service out of beta testing as well. The company announced on Thursday that all current and new Google account would have this facility activated by default.

This personalized searching feature monitors the searcher’s previous queries and clicks. It uses this database of previous searches to optimize the future search queries to bring better results to the user. It also keeps a track of all the searches made by a particular user (if desired) and these can be accessed on at a later date at any time and place.

Google has also provided tags and other features to organize the history of searched for keywords for better efficiency. Users can also create bookmarks and add searchable labels and notes to items in their search histories. One of the best features of this service is that this facility enables the user to flag single pages or entire Web sites so that they will never again appear in search results.

Google has implemented this facility in 39 domains and in 12 languages.

Link: Manage Google Account | Manage Google Search History

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