New York gets Ford Escapes as hybrid taxis

New York gets Ford Escapes as hybrid taxis

The highly crowded streets of New York now get hybrid taxis in the form of Ford Escapes. These taxis get double the gas mileage of traditional cabs and generate far less pollution. The city is starting with just six of the bright yellow Ford Escapes in the city’s vast taxi fleet. This number is expected to be increased to 18 by the Thanksgiving week.

This has happened after efforts from the environmentalists and the City Councilman David Yassky who pushed for the legislation authorizing the use of the vehicles as cabs. David now says that as the time goes by, more such vehicles would be visible on the roads of New York. Yassky said in a statement to the media: “I’m determined that in five years, every cab on the streets of New York will be a hybrid.”

Ford Escape is a small SUV that runs on a combination of gas and electricity and generally emit no exhaust when they are moving slower than 25 mph. They would work as a regular taxi on the roads of the city and will not require any recharge as the batteries are recharged on the move when the traditional engine is being used.

However, these taxis would have a bit of less legroom and a narrower back seat bench than the big Ford Crown Victorias that make up the bulk of the city’s fleet. The benefit to the drivers of these taxis would be lowered expenses on gasoline as the costing of running these cars on a daily basis reduces by quite a bit.

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