Yahoo! mixes Blogs with News

Yahoo! mixes Blogs with News

Search engine giants and the owners of the internet’s most popular web portal Yahoo! have adopted a radical approach to impress its web-based users on their news website. The company is now showing relevant Blog search results along with the news search tool since yesterday. Yahoo! says that they are just measuring how the audience reacts to this mixture of professional and amateurish opinion on the same topic.

Yahoo! is now showing relevant Blogs and Blog posts on searching for keywords on their news website. They are displaying these results on the right side of the news search results. Generally, this space is reserved for content relevant advertisements on regular search engine results.

Its prime rival currently keeps news sections totally away from such unconventional sources of news and information. They recently unveiled a specific search engine aimed at indexing blogs and is increasingly upgrading their index of information stored from the blogs present on the internet.

Yahoo’s efforts just goes on to show how blogs have stormed the internet by providing an alternative form of journalism providing news to the users other than the traditional sources of news websites. There are many popular blogs out there, which commands a similar level of user base as some of the bigger news websites.

Joff Redfern, a Yahoo product director summed it up: “The traditional media doesn’t have the time or resources to cover all the stories going on.”

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