VeriSign acquires

VeriSign acquires

Looks like Blog related services are in demand these days. America Online has just purchased the massive Weblogs Inc network of blogs and the latest news in is that VeriSign has decided to acquire and its ping service. The aim is to bring the RSS into the mainstream market with a recognized brand promoting it.

This means that the little company managed by Dave Winer, one of the creators of the RSS protocol would now be owned by the giant VeriSign. The website helps in establishing more than 14.5 billion Internet interactions each day. The new parent company promises that they would help the service become more reliable and stable to keep the Internet’s blogosphere in healthy state.

Mark McLaughlin, senior vice president of VeriSign’s naming and directory services said in a statement: “The Internet has experienced an explosion in both the number of bloggers and the number of daily RSS feeds from bloggers over the past 12 to 24 months, but the infrastructure to support that level of Internet communications has not kept pace.”

VeriSign has promised that they would continue to provide the service for free. The deal cost them around $2.3 million in cash.

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