America Online acquires Weblogs Inc

America Online acquires Weblogs Inc

This news would shakeup the Blogging world for sure on the internet. America Online has acquired one of the biggest and most popular weblogs network on the internet: Weblogs Inc. this means that the American web portal would now get the ownership of some of the most visited blogs on the internet including Engadget, Autoblog, and others. This is part of the deal worth around $25 million.

Weblogs Inc runs and manages around 85 Blogging sites, which would now be controlled by AOL. The company has been struggling to gain readership on their online web portals and websites and this latest news would help them immensely considering blogs are so very popular on the internet.

AOL is also targeting on offering free content to attract a larger audience and create more advertising space and there is nothing like blogs to do that. Therefore, instead of starting their own network of blogs and working on making them popular amongst their users, they did the next best thing. Acquire the best out there and we think they have managed to get it at a bargain price.

With this deal, AOL would now be integrating the blogs into its portal by linking to the best entries and Weblogs will operate with full editorial control and independence.

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