Yahoo! Chairman thinks Google is somewhat confused

Yahoo! Chairman thinks Google is somewhat confused

There is no doubt in the fact that Google is the kind of web search engines and the technology to enable searching in the various aspects related to the computer. However, they just cannot survive on this field alone if they have to grow and keep their investors happy. This means that the company has to expand into various other fields and they seem to be doing pretty good progress on that.

We now have much more than just search engines from Google. We have Gmail web mail service and software solutions like Picasa and Google Desktop. Every other week, the company manages to surprise its fan base with more fantastic products or services. Last week it was the Google Reader, which is an online RSS aggregation solution to keep a centralized online location for your RSS feeds.

However, their prime competitor in this web market Yahoo! believes that Google is somewhat confused on what they want to be. Yahoo! Chairman Terry Semel said during a question-and-answer session at an Internet conference: “So far they don’t seem to have a plan, but maybe they do. Maybe magic will happen tomorrow.”

Nevertheless, Terry did manage to express the fact that the company has made huge progress in the internet-searching field and should be commended for this feat. However, he did managed to somewhat tease the Google fans by claiming that if Google believes that they are now reaching a stage where they can call their website an online portal, they would be placed at forth position on the popularity scales.

Yahoo! happens to be the world’s most visited web portal and MSN and AOL are supposed to be the next biggies to dominate the online market for such web solutions.

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