NASA Deputy Administrator Frederick Gregory resigns

NASA Deputy Administrator Frederick Gregory resigns

NASA is already struggling with their Space Shuttle crew, and now the Katrina has caused so much more damage to its stations that the next mission to space is further delayed. The latest news in is worse for the American Space Agency. NASA’s first black shuttle commander has resigned from the agency after spending 31 years at the NASA.

Frederick Gregory said in his resignation letter, which was sent to the president of America: “I’ve had an exciting career in NASA, but it is now time to step down so that someone younger and highly motivated can have the same experience.” He is 64 years old and also a former astronaut for the agency.

He is now due to remain in the job until the Senate confirms his successor. NASA expects him to stay in the agency for a little while longer than that in some other capacity considering they can still utilize his experience in the matters bugging the space agency right now. Frederick Gregory as nominated in 2002 and became the first black in the No. 2 job at NASA.

He had joined NASA way back in 1974, as a research pilot and flew to space three times during his career. NASA chief Mike Griffins said about him: “He is the best of the best, and we have been fortunate to have his steady hand at NASA’s helm during the most troubled period in NASA’s history.”

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