Intel Centrino now has competition from AMD Turion

Intel Centrino now has competition from AMD Turion

AMD vs. Intel… The war continues. Both the companies are working full time to outdo or at least match the other one in the road to develop better faster and perhaps cheaper computers. While Advanced Micro Devices took the lead in the 64-bit processor market, Intel has the domination in the processors, which power the laptops. AMD has now decided to cover up the gap in this domain with the launch of their Turion Processor.

The company announced on Wednesday that they have started selling a processor aimed at the notebook market and competes heads on with the Intel Corp.’s Centrino brand. Laptops form one of the fastest growing markets in the computer-manufacturing segment and AMD could get a strong hold of the market with their cheap and efficient processors when compared to Intel. The processor is optimized for thin-and-light notebooks and is already being targeted by companies like Acer, Fujitsu Siemens, and Packard Bell.

One big name missing from the manufacturers of laptops, which has yet to give its approval is Hewlett-Packard. However, this might not stay like that for long. AMD already sells processors for notebooks under the brand name of Athlon and Sempron processors. The company however commands just 9% of the laptop processor market compared to 86% of that of Intel. With notebooks increasingly replacing desktop computers in offices and homes, it became necessary for AMD to look seriously into the market.

Intel and AMD have taken separate routes to market their processors. While Intel delivers all the three components: a microprocessor, an auxiliary chipset, and a wireless chip in the Centrino package, AMD Turion is just a processor enabling the manufacturers to use third party wireless cards, and chip sets. This gives the customers flexibility and cost benefits when compared to the Intel’s package.

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