Levi Strauss launches Apple iPod friendly RedWire DLX jeans

Levi Strauss launches Apple iPod friendly RedWire DLX jeans

Denim industry leaders Levi Strauss has announced that they have developed a line of jeans, which is compatible with the popular digital music and video player Apple iPod. The jeans come with a joystick to control the music player in the watch pockets. The product name is RedWire DLX and would be made available for both men and female customers.

Levi Strauss is aiming at launching this new range of jeans by this fall. Interestingly, the jeans also feature a built-in docking cradle for the iPod and retractable headphones. They have not revealed the pricing structure for these iPod friendly jeans. However, it is not surprising that a brand as big as Levi is making customized clothing range for Apple iPods.

Apple is the market leader in the digital music player segment and their iPod sells in huge numbers in the American market. The company noticed a phenomenal 63 percent jump in holiday quarter sales during the last weeks of December and as per market estimates as many as 42 million of the devices have been sold to date.

We have seen many iPod related accessories being launched by many designer labels. However, Levi Strauss would become the first major brand to launch iPod friendly jeans in the market.

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