Apple launches Macs powered by Intel Processors

Apple launches Macs powered by Intel Processors

Yesterday was a historic day for Apple Computers as they launched their first computers powered by Intel microprocessors. This move should help them expand their product range based on more powerful processors leading to a greater challenge to the regular PC manufacturers. Apple is not only using some of the most technically advanced processors Intel is making, but they are also using their marketing network to showcase their new products.

The first two products launched by Steve Jobs at a function yesterday were an iMac and new laptop. Both of these come powered by the recently launched Intel’s Core Duo processors. Apple also clarified that they will not be chasing people around who would want to run Windows Operating System on these machines.

Interestingly, using Intel processors on Macintosh platform enables the consumers to switch to Windows OS and utilize the phenomenal gaming power Apple is providing them. However, the move would also help Apple boost their market share where they are lagging behind WinTel technology based computers since a long time.

Using Intel processors has enabled Apple to ship products, which are as pricey as their PowerPC versions were but have 2-4 times the processing power. Apple is now aiming to covert their entire range of Macintosh computers by next year.

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