World Wide Web Consortium opens up office in India

World Wide Web Consortium opens up office in India

World Wide Web Consortium has finally established an official presence in the Indian market. The organization engaged in development of common protocols on the web and ensuring interoperability, on Thursday opened its office in India – its 15th in the world. They have launched their Indian operations in collaboration with Centre for Development of Advanced Computing.

The W3C India office will seek to connect web standards to the rapidly growing technical hub of software industry and will expose the Indian IT industry to the latest software technology trends. W3C director Tim Burners Lee said in a statement: “Technology should be socially acceptable and we at World Wide Web Consortium are striving to make sure that the social impact of web is appropriate. Internet should also be made accessible to all.”

Lee also emphasized on the fact that for the web to reach its full potential, it was imperative that common protocols are developed using regional inputs that further its evolution. He also wants that the hardware and software used to access the web should be interoperable with each other.

W3C COO Steve Bratt added at the launch ceremony: “The absence of Indian IT companies in the global arena meant that their contribution in setting of global standards was nil. All this is changing now as more and more Indian IT firms are becoming active players in the global arena and are taking up memberships of groups like the W3C which enable them to have a say in the setting of global standards.”

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