Dell selling AMD processors on their website

Dell selling AMD processors on their website

This is indeed very interesting news. World’s largest maker of personal computers dell is apparently selling AMD processors on their website. Interesting because the company has been selling only Intel processors and has always claimed that they would not be selling any AMD based machines in the near future. However, they are not offering any AMD based machines yet.

Dell has on its website six Athlon 64 chips for sale. These range from speeds of 2.0 GHz to 2.8 GHz. They are priced from $219.27 for the Athlon 3500+ to $1,102.91 for an Athlon 57-FX. The company said that they are finally offering only the processors for sale due to high consumer demand. Dell representative Bruce Anderson spoke on the possibilities of any AMD powered Dell machine: “Dell is constantly evaluating new technologies and at the present time, we don’t have AMD processor-based systems in our portfolio.”

Dell remains the only mainstream PC maker to not offer computers running AMD processors. All the other giants of the industry including HP, Gateway, Lenovo, and Acer sell both Intel and AMD powered machines. Looks like the company is feeling the pinch of being exclusive to Intel processors as the demand for AMD based machines has risen in the market. In fact, AMD based machines outsold Intel based PCs in the retail segment in the month of October.

It would be interesting to see how things turn out now that Dell has finally admitted that consumers are asking for AMD processors. It might not be long before we see a Dell powered by an AMD. If Apple can move from the IBM’s PowerPC platform to Intel, Dell just might show some interest in the AMD processors.

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