Ford, Toyota, and Honda showcases their latest hybrids

Ford, Toyota, and Honda showcases their latest hybrids

Hybrids are back in news massively. Every auto company seems to be interested in it. BMW just joined GM and DaimlerChrysler duo to co-develop these cars and the latest news in is that Ford and Honda have just showcased their upcoming hybrid vehicles at an environmental conference Friday. The companies wanted to display their fuel-efficient vehicles as the country recover from the aftermath of the Katrina hurricane.

Ford Motor, Honda Motor, and Toyota Motor displayed their hybrid vehicles, which run on a combination of gasoline and electricity at the first national convention of the Sierra Club, the country’s largest environmental organization. These companies are already criticized for being delaying the upgradation of hybrid technology and launch of new hybrid cars in the market.

Sierra Club wanted to help these companies showcase their upcoming technologies and products by organizing what it called “the world’s largest showcase of hybrid cars”. Dan Becker, director of the Sierra Club’s global warming program said in a statement: “The biggest single step to curbing global warming, cutting America’s oil dependence and saving consumers’ money at the gas pump is making our vehicles go further on a gallon of gas. Automakers who live by the gas guzzler may die by the gas guzzler.”

While, Ford displayed their 2006 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, Honda sparked consumer interested with their 2006 Civic Hybrid. Toyota is also expected to start selling a hybrid version of its Camry sedan and a seven-passenger SUV called the Highlander Hybrid.

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