Apple playing safe with iTunes enabled Mobile Phone

Apple playing safe with iTunes enabled Mobile Phone

Apple has more or less disappointed with the Motorola ROKR mobile phone they recently launched in collaboration with the world’s second largest mobile phone company. The mobile phone comes preloaded with the Apple iTunes application and is capable of playing songs purchased from the iTunes digital music store. However, Apple has not allowed the users to purchase or download from the store itself.

Surprisingly, the mobile phone from Motorola can store just 100 songs and they too have to be transferred from a PC/Mac to the mobile phone. Users cannot download it using the mobile connections and they cannot download it directly from the Apple iTunes store. Market analysts believe that this is a careful strategy from the makers of the Macintosh personal computers.

Apple makes a lot of money on their Apple iPod music device range. Sales of its various iPod models are expected to hit $4.8 billion this year, up from $2.3 billion in 2004. If the mobile phone can store as many songs as an average iPod, users might move from buying an iPod to buying the mobile phone, which is being manufactured by another company. Same goes for the logic behind disabling support for purchasing song from the internet.

There are phones available in the market, which can download songs and store them on the mobile phone. Some of the models from Samsung and Nokia are even capable of storing more than a 1000 songs on them. Apple cannot take that chance unless they manufacture the mobile phone themselves. And whether Apple would indeed launch an iPhone in the near future is a tough question to answer.

A lot will depend upon how the relationship between Motorola and Apple continues… they are not on very good terms already…

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