IBM to showcase First Power5+ Systems

IBM to showcase First Power5+ Systems

IBM is scheduled to showcase its first systems based on the new Power5+ processors. This would include new server solutions with a version of the chip that offers four processing cores on a single module. This new range would form the base of the company’s new System p5 family. They would feature the not only the first Power5+ processors but also mix elements of their pSeries and OpenPower servers.

These servers would be capable of running not only the IBM AIX 5L but also other Linux variants such as those made by Novell and Red Hat. It just makes the market interesting, as the UNIX processor, market would become more competitive. And their prime target would be Sun Microsystems based server solutions.

Sun is also scheduled to launch their first systems running on its upcoming “Niagara” processors offering eight cores on a single processor. Intel is also scheduled to launch their Montecito, the first dual-core version of its Itanium chip. Hewlett-Packard would be basing their servers on these processor variants.

IBM would be offering their systems in two editions: AIX 5L edition for UNIX customers and the OpenPower Edition for those running Linux. These are expected to be out in the market by October 14.

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