Google projects a $100 billion revenue target

Google projects a $100 billion revenue target

The shares of the search engine giants Google took a beating in the market after the company’s CFO said in a statement that the company was facing a slowing growth. However, the latest news in from the company is that they are pretty optimistic about the future.

In fact, the company has apparently now set itself a target of USD 100 billion revenues in a financial year. this is as much as 16 times its current size and would probably take sometime for them to achieve especially considering the company makes bulk of their revenues from online contextual advertisement.

Google’s Chief Financial Officer Mr. Reyes hit back at the media reports, which led to the massive decline in company’s stock price: “As we look forward into the next year we believe our business is exhibiting very, very strong fundamentals and excellent growth potential.”

Google’s chief executive Eric Schmidt added on his statement of building a USD 100 billion company: “I’ll leave it to you to judge whether that is $100bn in market capitalization or revenue”. Google’s net worth has already crossed that mark so the market experts believe that the company is targeting this huge aim with their revenue figures.

The company is now considering entering into offline businesses like radio and print advertisement. Google is in fact targeting to make their presence felt in all kind of advertising mediums.

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