Creative might finally sue Apple over iPod

Creative might finally sue Apple over iPod

A couple of months ago, entertainment equipment maker Creative got hold of an important patent on a system used to navigate music on digital players. Apple uses a similar navigation system on their popular iPod range of music players. It took them a while but they have finally decided to take strict actions over the unauthorized user of their patent by Apple.

Apple could now face a potential lawsuit from Creative over the fair use of the patent owned by it. Creative boss Sim Wong Hoo in fact told a media group that his company plans to “pursue aggressively” this patent based lawsuit. He was attending the launch of his company’s latest product in the digital music player market named the Zen Vision: M.

Creative were an early player in the digital player market but it along with the other players were totally overwhelmed by the way, Apple arrived and dominated the market. These music players continue to remain in high demand and it becomes important for Creative to take serious steps to step-up the competition.

Creative chairman Sim Wong Hoo said in a statement: “We will pursue all manufacturers that use the same navigation system. This is something we will pursue aggressively. Hopefully this will be friendly, but people have to respect intellectual property.” Their latest product Zen Vision: M is targeting the market currently dominated by the Apple iPod Video that is capable of playing videos on the move.

Incidentally, most of the Creative music players including this latest one bear a striking resemblance to the products offered by Apple. However, Mr. Sim denied the company had copied the design, saying it had been working on the look for more than a year. Their latest product supports FM radio and a built-in mic along with video playing ability.

It is disappointing that Creative is taking the measures so late and it seems more like a desperate step to get back at Apple, which has really created a niche market of its own.

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