Sony releases another patch for DRM flaw

Sony releases another patch for DRM flaw

Entertainment giants Sony has released another patch to fix a new security flaw, which was discovered in its much controversial DRM system that it uses on a number of its Audio CDs, released in the retail market. they used a technology from SunComm, and the latest flaw was discovered during an audit done by digital rights body the Electronic Frontier Foundation and carried out by iSEC Partners.

The flaw lies in the SunComm’s MediaMax Version 5 content protection software centers on a file folder installed by the software on users’ systems. This software got installed on user’s machine without his/her approval and could be used by attackers and exploited to gain control over the target system.

Sony BMG claims that the latest audit, review of the system and the release of this latest patch were carried out with all due diligence in the light of the furor over the use of DRM technology. Their technology was labeled spyware by security companies and made the systems vulnerable for attacks by hackers.

They also admitted to have taken the help of an independent third-party software security firm, NGS Software to inspect this new subsequent patch and the state of the MediaMax technology. Thomas Hesse, president, Global Digital Business, SonyBMG said in a statement: “We’re grateful to EFF and iSEC for bringing this to our attention. We believe that the availability of the update coupled with our campaign to notify customers will appropriately address the CDs with MediaMax Version 5 in the market.”

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