IBM releases software applications for Cell Processor

IBM releases software applications for Cell Processor

The Cell microprocessor has been jointly developed by Sony, Toshiba, and IBM. The companies have developed it in a way that its usage can be scaled. One of the first widespread implementation of this processor would be visible in the upcoming next generation gaming console from the entertainment giant Sony.

The latest news in about this processor is that IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) has launched a set of software tools to spur the interest in the developer community. This would be one of the most important steps from the company to get a stronghold in the microprocessor market, which is now dominated by Intel and AMD.

This development kit will help programmers write software for the chip in areas such as medical imagery, aerospace and digital television. Ted Maeurer, head of the Sony Toshiba IBM Design Center in Austin, Texas said in a statement: “We view this as the jumping-off point where communities of interest can get started surrounding Cell and people can explore the full power of the architecture.”

He added: “We think there will be a variety of interest for companies that might be doing digital content creation.” With Apple moving away from Apple PowerPC architecture to the Intel platform, it becomes important for them to get back strongly.

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