Google Mini now free with Google Search Appliance

Google Mini now free with Google Search Appliance

Search engine giant Google has launched a new replacement scheme for corporate who are using a competitive enterprise search appliance. They have offered a new trade-in program as per which if a company replaces their existing search solution with Google Search Appliance, they would get a free Google Mini. Google Mini is just a small-scaled version of the Search Appliance and Google aims to expand its user base for such product services.

Google charges around $30,000 for their Google Search Appliance, which is capable of searching up to half a million documents. While, the smaller version Google Mini costs around $2995 and searches up to 100,000 documents on a company’s network. Google launched these search solutions in 2002 to make it easier for the companies to search for content on their localized intranets.

These local intranets can consist of public Web sites, relational databases, enterprise business applications, content management software, and legacy systems and Google Search Appliance makes it easy to search through the available content. Google Mini does the similar but on a smaller scale. Both these search solutions are powered by Google search software.

To become legible for this special offer, an organization must either not be a Search Appliance user, or if it is a Search Appliance user, it must replace a competing enterprise search system with the new one it buys. The aim is to get a user move on from a competing technology to use Google’s solution for searching. They are not asking for proofs for such a move as the company expects the corporate to do the transaction in good faith.

However, market expects believe that such a move would not interest many customers, as they would rather prefer to have discounted rates rather than offered an additional hardware to complicate things up at their networking end.

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