Google is testing travel-searching facility

Google is testing travel-searching facility

Search engine giant Google is already working on an online classifieds service, which is to be called Google Base. Now, the latest news in is that they are also working on a service which would enable the users to search for cheap travel fares. Google’s new service would search through the online travel agency sites for traveling tickets to offer best and cheapest fares to the consumer.

Google has confirmed that they are testing such a service and this would put them in competition with services like Sidestep and Kayak. The service might further target bigger online services like Expedia and Travelocity in the near future if the initial version gets a good response from the web users.

This web service from Google would let users put in specific flight inquiries between two points and they would get results of travel agencies, which offer services between those destinations. For now, they are just letting the users to search for tickets between selected cities. This is however destined to be expanded as the service goes into a beta testing phase.

Google as always does not comment on whether it would indeed become a regular feature on their channels or not. Most of their products and services tend to stay as beta/test for long times. Gmail is a good example of a very popular service, which continues to remain a beta even after a year of its launch.

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