Apple has some success with Windows Switchers

Apple has some success with Windows Switchers

A research report from Needham & Co. has stated that more than a million of one-time Windows users have moved to Apple Macintosh platform this year. They had previously estimated the figures to be close to half of a million users. Needham & Co analyst Charles Wolf said in his statement: ‘If we assume that all of the growth in Mac shipments during the past three quarters resulted from Windows users purchasing a Mac, then purchases by Windows users exceeded one million.”

He added: ‘Indeed, the number of Windows users purchasing Macs in 2005 could easily exceed our forecast of 1.3 million switchers in 2006.’ He also said that his previous estimates calculated only those users who were using iPod music player with their Windows powered personal computers. Another major factor for this switch was the constant problems related to spywares and viruses bugging the users.

This is good news for Apple as they had specifically launched their Apple Mac Mini platform to target the Windows users. The report also said that Apple’s domination of the music player and online download market has made the market stronger rather than weaker as it has been feared.

Charles Wolf said on this topic: ‘A year ago, there was a constant stream of “Pod killer” stories. With the introductions of the nano and video iPod, Apple has left its competitors in the dust. Sony is the only major name-brand competitor that appears to have a future in this market, although its product portfolio is now a generation behind the iPod nano and video iPod.’

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