Intel says third-quarter sales will be within previous forecasts

Intel says third-quarter sales will be within previous forecasts

World’s largest microprocessor manufacturer Intel has reported that their third-quarter sales will be within previous forecasts. This is mostly due to the increasing demands for the laptop and mobile computers in the world. The company reported that the revenues would increase to $9.8 billion to $10 billion. Intel had originally predicted that these revenues would be around $9.6 billion and $10.2 billion in July.

Even the market analysts predicted that Intel would be posting sales of $9.92 billion. The company powers more than 80% of the world’s personal computer market and faces growing competition from the innovative company AMD (Advanced Micro Devices). Intel on their part are benefiting from back-to-school sales of notebooks that contain the company’s more-profitable chip package popularly called Centrino.

The company is increasingly looking at its outsourced plants for future growth as it struggles to limit the damage caused by Hurricane Katrina and surging gas prices. Market analysts believe that the growing trend of users to move to laptops and other mobile computers would continue to help Intel grow in this market.

Intel also has done impressively well in the share market. Their stock has grown around 12% this year. And they are looking towards double-digit year-over-year growth.

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