Apple to showcase Intel powered Macintosh range tomorrow

Apple to showcase Intel powered Macintosh range tomorrow

Apple Computers CEO is expected to showcase their latest range of Macintosh computers powered by the Intel microprocessors tomorrow. The launch pad would be the annual Macworld show in San Francisco and it is expected that Apple would be showcasing the next generation range of Intel-based laptops. The aim is to get a stronger and more wider market base with cheaper and faster computing products.

The company last year shocked the market by announcing that they are moving away from the IBM developed PowerPC chips, which they have been using since more than a decade. Instead, they are now going to use the more mainstream Intel processors to power their upcoming range of Mac computers. The reason behind this switch is said to be because Steve Jobs was frustrated at the lack of speeds offered by their component suppliers when it comes to processors and other hardware powering it.

Intel on the other hand has the resources to meet all the requirements of Apple Computers. Apple now aims to match the speeds and capabilities offered by rival PC manufacturers like Dell, Hewlett-Packard, and Lenovo. They also have the added benefit of PC switchers, which the market claims is due to the halo effect created by the very popular iPod music players. More and more owners of iPods are moving from their PCs to Macs.

Market analysts predict that Apple would begin their switch to Intel processors by first launching the Intel-powered version of the Mac Mini which is the cheapest Mac offered by the company. In addition, Steve Jobs is also expected to offer new variants of their iPods in addition to more content launches for their iTunes digital store.

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