Kingfisher wants to start international flights within 2 years

Kingfisher wants to start international flights within 2 years

Liquor Baron Vijay Mallya owned company Kingfisher Airlines hopes to launch their international flights by the year 2007. They are currently waiting for the deliveries of the airbus A330 wide-bodied aircraft before they can get the things in place for the flights abroad. Kingfisher Chairman and Managing Director Vijay Mallya said in a statement: “I will be getting A330 in 2007, by that time we would be completing two and a half years in aviation industry.”

He added: “Then I am going to request the Government to ease the norms or allow us to fly at least within Asia”. The Civil Aviation Ministry currently has a rule as per which they require a minimum five years of experience in domestic airline operations for getting the permission to have flights to abroad. This rule has become a problem for most of the new operators who want to be competitive in this ever-growing market.

Mallya has expressed faith that the government with consider his proposal for removing or relaxing this limit to help in the growth of the aviation sector. Mallya is presently engaged in working out strategies for Kingfisher Airlines’ entry into capital market with Initial Public Offer of around $200 million. This IPO is destined to go public sometime next year and would help the airline company expand its operations and buy more planes.

Mallya added: “We are seriously looking at this source to fund our orders for new aircraft. We would be getting the first delivery of world’s largest Jumbo Jet Airbus A380 around 2010. However, we have to do the pre-delivery payments.”

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