Maruti considering a price hike on its cars

Maruti considering a price hike on its cars

The largest automaker in the Indian market Maruti Suzuki is considering a price hike and it is expected to be levied across the whole range of models from the company. This hike is expected to come sometime next month, as the last month of any year is usually not a high selling month for most automakers. However, the hike is not yet confirmed.

The company has also not revealed that if the hike in prices indeed occurs, how much it would be. They have however informed their dealers about this probable raise in the prices of the cars. The company had earlier hiked the car prices by a modest percentage in September this year. They had indicated that time that another hike was possible before the end of the year.

Maruti Suzuki has claimed that the hike is necessary because of the higher freight costs and oil prices, which puts a lot of pressure on them and increase the input cost of the cars. However, their recently launched popular model, Suzuki Swift is likely to be again skipped from this price hack looking at the very high demand, which has led to long waiting periods for the customers.

Maruti is also likely to shut its plant for planned annual maintenance in the last week of December.

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