iPod nano faulty screen goes international

iPod nano faulty screen goes international

The event was supposed to be the launching pad of the Motorola Rokr phone. However, Apple stole the limelight with their fantastic iPod nano music player. However, things have not been smooth for the company with this tiny music player based on flash memory cards. While the sales have been impressive, many customers of the initial versions have complained about the lack of quality material on the display panel.

iPod nano owners have complained that the screen is scratch prone and is badly damaged even with careful usage. Apple did announce a replacement program for the faulty units. However, that step did not prevent from the company being sued by a group of iPod owners demanding compensation for a sub-standard product. The latest news in is that the lawsuit is now getting an international flavor with iPod owners from Mexico and the United Kingdom joining the crusade.

A class-action lawsuit on behalf of all iPod nano buyers in Mexico and the United Kingdom has been filed in a US based District Court at California. This latest lawsuit complements the one filed against Apple on behalf of US nano buyers last month. It claims that Apple ignored quality issues with the screens of the iPod nano to rush the product in the market.

Lead attorney Steve Berman said in a statement about their lawsuit: “Apple’s iPod nano has sold in record numbers around the world, just as it did in the US. It seems that wherever the Nano is sold, problems with the defective design soon follow.”

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