Nokia 770 arrives in retail market soon

Nokia 770 arrives in retail market soon

The interesting pocket sized Linux powered internet surfing gadget from Nokia has been released in the retail market. The Nokia 770 is soon going to be available in the market and on the Nokia’s online website. Nokia is pricing it around 350 euros, or about $412. It is expected to be out in the US market by next week. Some European countries based stores are already showing it to be out of stock due to advance ordering.

Nokia had displayed this trend-changing device from their stables in May this year. They used an open-source project called Maemo, to seek help in developing the 770’s software. They also said that they would not be suing anyone basing their products on their open source applications. This device would perhaps be the first one in the market to be powered by Linux and being supported by a mainstream company. It is pretty popular in the server market and even on desktops.

However, usage of Linux on mobile devices has been pretty low till now. Nokia’s move would probably change that in the coming days. Consumers can use the Nokia 770 to check e-mail and surf the Web using 802.11b/g wireless networking. It is powered by the Nokia Internet Tablet 2005 operating system and software suite. An update to be released soon would make it VoIP and Instant Messaging capable.

Nokia 770 runs on a Texas Instruments 220MHz OMAP 1710 processor and a 4.13-inch, 800-by-480 pixel touch-sensitive display.

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