Qualcomm now sues Nokia over patent infringements

Qualcomm now sues Nokia over patent infringements

Mobile phone technology company Qualcomm is already stuck in tons of patent lawsuits. They add more with their lawsuits over mobile phone manufacturer Nokia. Qualcomm is claiming that Nokia is infringing on 12 of their patents. The San Diego-based firm Qualcomm dominates the market with their technology and chips required for 3G (third generation) data services such as internet downloads and video calls.

They claim that Nokia breaks their patents with their products using these technologies and are asking for compensation. Nokia had already complained about Qualcomm in the European Union and they have not commented on this latest lawsuit targeting them in the North American market. They are also one of the biggest customers of Qualcomm but have had bad relations in the recent times.

Nokia uses its own CDMA designed semiconductors in their phones. Most of their competitors are using CDMA chips manufactured by Qualcomm. This has become the basis of the problems between the two companies. Qualcomm claims that 11 of the patents mentioned in the lawsuit are their own and the left one is owned by their subsidiary SnapTrack.

They are also claiming that they tried to negotiate with the mobile phone maker but the talks failed. Qualcomm senior vice president Louis Lupin said in a statement: “Until recently, we had been led to believe that these issues might be resolved cooperatively and amicably. However, it now appears that a cooperative resolution of these issues is quite unlikely and we must move forward with the litigation in order to protect our rights and to get these issues resolved.”

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