Russia and China collaborates to jointly explore Moon and Mars

Russia and China collaborates to jointly explore Moon and Mars

China is getting a helping hand from veteran space explorer Russia in the future missions to space. Both these countries have agreed to launch in 2007 a 10-year space cooperation plan. The aim is to develop projects based on joint lunar exploration and missions to mars in collaboration.

As per a joint statement released by the two parties, they have agreed to “explore the possibility of cooperation in the moon and deep space exploration” as well as joint development of large space projects. This announcement was made at the 10th regular meeting between Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao and his Russian counterpart Mikhail Fradkov last week.

China is quite new to this field and has ambitious plans to achieve big goals in the next couple of years. They would certainly benefit from this collaboration with the veteran of the space exploration field. Russia would help China speed up their initial goals, help them by sharing their experiences, and perhaps even technology.

“Chang’e-I”, China’s first lunar exploration satellite is scheduled to be launched in 2007. It would be the country’s first fly-by mission. They also aim to achieve moon landing by 2012. This mission would most certainly require inputs from the Russian Space Agency. They expect to have around 10 more special space cooperation projects between themselves by 2007.

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