Apple launches iPod Nano and Motorola iTunes Mobile Phone

Apple launches iPod Nano and Motorola iTunes Mobile Phone

Apple is back with a bang. They have finally launched the much awaited iTunes enabled Mobile Phone they were developing along with Motorola. In addition, they have a new surprising product for the iPod fans. They have replaced the Apple iPod Mini range of music player range with the newly launched Apple iPod Nano. The mobile phone launched is called Motorola ROKR as previously announced by the company.

The ROKR phone is being manufactured by Motorola and comes preloaded with the Apple iTunes application designed for mobile phones. It has the capability of storing around 100 songs, which is pretty good for a mobile phone and also has an inbuilt camera and of course a colored screen. ROKR also happens to be Apple’s first product targeting the mobile segment and might not be the last considering mobiles are the most preferred device to be carried around by any teenager. An MP3 player comes next to a mobile.

By combining the powers of a mobile phone and an MP3 player, Apple can take the initiative in a market, which already has, Sony Walkman enabled Mobile phone and Nokia’s upcoming N Series mobile phones. ROKR also comes with built-in dual-stereo speakers and stereo headphones. However, it will not let users download songs over the mobile connections. Instead, they would have to transfer the songs from their PCs/Macs to their mobile phones.

As for the new iPod called iPod Nano, Apple has now replaced the Apple iPod Mini with it. The Nano range of iPod players use flash memory instead of hard drive based storage space. Perhaps, this explains the bulk shopping Apple has been doing at Samsung’s flash memory plant. This means that the new iPod Nano consumes less power and has a longer battery life, which is a very crucial factor for MP3 players.

Steve Jobs spoke about the new iPod Nano: “Nano is the biggest revolution since the original iPod. It’s impossibly small. It’s thinner than a No. 2 pencil.” It features games, photo storage, and a calendar.

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