Apple iPod to become more common in automobiles

Apple iPod to become more common in automobiles

Apple has become a leet company of sort. They are redefining coolness in technological products. Their Apple iPod has attained an iconic status and more and more companies are releasing products, which complement this digital music player in some form or the other. One of the most crucial aspects of a person’s daily life is his/her automobile. And more and more automobile manufacturers are chipping in supporting Apple iPod in the car’s inbuilt audio system.

As per latest reports in, four more additional auto companies have confirmed that they would be offering optional support for Apple iPod in their upcoming models for the year 2006. Audi, Volkswagen, Honda, and Acura have given their consent to this amazing product. All of them displayed their unreleased models (on road) with support for the newly launched Apple iPod Nano device.

The controls for this tiny musical device has been linked to the stereo system and other volume controls on the steering wheel to make it easier for the driver to control the kind of music he wants to hear while driving. In addition to these four new companies, fifteen other car companies already support Apple iPod including BMW, Mercedes-Benz USA, Volvo, Scion, and Ferrari.

In all, Apple expects that more than 5 million cars will ship with iPod support in the United States in 2006 making it one of the most popular add-on to the vehicles.

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