Sony has more walkman branded products to compete with Apple iPod

Sony has more walkman branded products to compete with Apple iPod

Sony has been the granddaddy of portable music players with their walkman range of cassette players being very popular in the last 2 decades. However, with the advancement of technologies, digital music has taken over and the initiative in this new segment was the Macintosh Computer maker Apple. The company started with Apple iPod as their first offering and later complimented it with their own digital music web store in Apple iTunes.

Sony is now fighting back with their new range of music players with the aim of gaining the old glory back. The company has just launched their biggest challenge to the Apple’s iPod range of audio products. Sony has launched five new products and added a jukebox software application similar to Apple iTunes, which interacts with the Sony’s online digital music store.

The new product range includes three flash-memory-based models with capacities of 512MB, 1GB, and 2GB. These are supported by two hard-disk drive-based models with capacities of 6GB and 20GB. Sony would be launching them in their domestic market sometime next month. The company would have stolen the thunder if it were not for Apple, which launched the new Apple iTunes Nano around the same time with Flash Memory storage.

However, Sony has some additional features in their flash-based players with an integrated FM radio. These flash memory players also offer an impressive 50 hours of playback time.

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