News Corporation looking for Internet Search partner

News Corporation looking for Internet Search partner

News Corporation has announced that they are looking for a potential partner or a company to acquire which would help them provide a sponsored search engine. The Fox Interactive Media President Ross Levinsohn who was speaking at a UBS media conference in New York on Tuesday revealed the news.

He said that the parent company was listening to proposals from several search providers, including Quigo. News Corporation has already shown interest in expanding their internet based services and has been taking some big steps in this direction. They recently acquired Intermix Media and its social networking site in July at a price tag of USD 580-million.

Later, he acquired the very popular IGN Entertainment, which operates some of the most popular movies and video gaming sites for around USD 650 million. The company is also considering putting some of their popular television series on the internet and also provide exclusive content only for the internet based users.

News Corporation is also considering running advertisements on their recently acquired MySpace web based social networking service but have deferred that decision for now to prevent any wrong signals going to its large user base.

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