AOL Instant Messenger worm chat with the target user

AOL Instant Messenger worm chat with the target user

Now, worms targeting the users on instant messaging networks are getting smarter and smarter. The latest case is of a worm dubbed IM.Myspace04.AIM. It targets the user on the popular AOL Instant Messenger. And this one actually chats with the victim to gain his/her trust before infecting the machine with malicious code.

Security experts believe that this worm is the first of its kind to actually interact with the user pretending to be an online person. It tries to dupe the targeted victim into activating a malicious payload. IM security vendor IMlogic has warned the users to be beware of any such instances and avoid running files from unknown sources.

According to IMlogic, the worm starts an IM conversation with the message “lol thats cool” and invites the user to run a malicious file called “clarissa17.pif”. It also responds intelligently to any user’s query asking if the file contains any virus or not with the message: “lol no its not its a virus”. The file disables any security software installed on the victim’s machine and also installs a backdoor. It also makes some changes to the system files causing more damage to the computer.

However, the worm is programmed in such a way that the infected user cannot see the messages that are being sent out by the worm. This is pretty weird and gives an impression that the worm is just a testing phase for a wider sort of attack on AIM Messenger users.

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