AMD and IBM collaborates to develop faster microprocessors

AMD and IBM collaborates to develop faster microprocessors

Macintosh makers Apple recently announced their decision to move over from IBM for their processor requirements and move to Intel. However, IBM seems to be not much disappointed by their decisions as they are already in the hot seat. The company is involved in the development of the processors for all the three major next generation gaming consoles, Microsoft Xbox 360, Sony Playstation 3, and the Nintendo Revolution.

And the latest news in is even more interesting. IBM would now be working with Intel’s competitor AMD on development of faster microprocessors for the personal computers. The two companies have added two new forms of strained silicon to their jointly developed 65-nanometer chip-making technology. This should help in making faster processors, which would consumer less power while operating.

AMD and IBM are now planning to reveal their plans at the International Electron Devices Meeting this week in Washington, D.C. They developed their 65-nanometer manufacturing technology at IBM’s wafer fabrication plant in East Fishkill, New York. AMD and IBM also plan to continue using silicon-on-insulator, or SOI, wafers for their 65nm chips.

AMD and IBM have worked together for several years on advanced chip-making technologies and they now are contracted to each other to work together till 2011. By then, they would have reached the levels of developing the 22nm technology based processors. This collaboration should help AMD compete more efficiently against Intel.

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