Ferrari showcases its new lightweight FXX super car

Ferrari showcases its new lightweight FXX super car

Trust Ferrari to come out with something special for their special customers. The sports carmaker has unveiled their latest product named the FXX super car, which they claim, is their most technically advanced model yet. FXX has been launched as a prototype at the Bologna motor show in Italy and the company would be building just a couple of units for some of their very special clients.

The car displayed at the motor show was one of 29 prototypes in a research and development programme, which uses a group of client test drivers who will pay around $2 million for their cars and the experience. However, the car is not yet approved for sale for road use or racing. Instead, it would be providing the framework on which future extreme models will be developed.

FXX weighs in at 1155kg and is powered by a 6.3-litre V12 engine pushing out 600kW (800bhp) at 8500rpm. It is equipped with a slick Formula One-style gearbox. The delivery of each of its units would include an advanced driving course with tuition provided by the best professional drivers. These courses would take place at the Fiorano circuit, which is famous because the company conducts its Formula One single-seater testing here.

This super car is based on the company’s popular Enzo model and the company claims that its aerodynamic aids give it a 40 per cent increase in downforce on the test track compared to the original Enzo Ferrari.

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