India might soon get bio-diesel for automobiles

India might soon get bio-diesel for automobiles

The Minister for Petroleum and Panchayati Raj, Mani Shankar Aiyar has confirmed that a high-level committee would be constituted to promote cultivation of jatropha and other plants. These plants can later be used in manufacturing of bio-fuel, which would supplement the supplies of gasoline in the country.

This committee would constitute of Petroleum Secretary, S.C. Tripathi, the Secretary Panchayati Raj, B.S. Lalli, and Advisor – Planning Commission, R. Mandal, and would include representatives from bodies such as National Vegetable Oil Development Board, National Rural Development Corporation among others.

India spent close to Rs 1,17,000 crores on crude oil import in 2004-05. The ministry said that the project would only be called a success when it actually helps the government reduce their expenditure on import of crude oil. He also emphasized on the recently announced bio-diesel pricing policy according to which, public sector oil marketing companies will have to purchase bio-diesel extracted from plants such as jatropha and pongamia for mixing with diesel at Rs 25 a liter.

Brazil is one country, which has attained amazing success with the bio-diesel. In fact, the country is now seeing sales of Flex cars overtaking that of conventional cars.

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