NASA top priority is the International Space Station

NASA top priority is the International Space Station

American space agency NASA has said that the top priorities for them are to develop a replacement for the aging Space Shuttle fleet and to complete the International Space Station. As a result, they have to cut resources spent on other missions to get these missions on track. NASA administrator Michael D Griffin said in a statement: “NASA can’t afford to do everything on its plate today.”

He was responding to the House Science Committee. He further added that shortage of funds could even result in cancellation of several of these under process projects. Some of these are related to the life sciences and nuclear systems technology. The latter is designed to provide power to an outpost planned for the surface of the moon. NASA is deferring its research work on these projects.

Committee chairperson Sherwood Boehlert was supportive of the fact that NASA is facing shortage of funds but still responded: “NASA cannot use aeronautics and science as a piggy bank to fund human space flight.” NASA I still on track for a Space Shuttle mission for spring next year. They are also in the process of development of a new crew exploration vehicle, which is intended to fly to the moon but also can replace the space shuttle when it goes out of service.

The space agency is also encouraging private players in the space exploration market to submit proposals to carry cargo and crew to the space station.

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